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Meet Taylor

Natural Light Photographer,   Web Designer ,  Educator Marketing Guru

Hi friends

If you're reading this, it's most likely because you want to know a little more about me as a person! I was born & raised in West Virginia, where I practiced photography for clients in my small hometown. After graduating from Shepherd University with a BS Degree in Communication & New Media and a minor in Art, I launched my photography business in Kailua, HI. Hawaii was quite the photo backdrop!

After arriving to northern VA, I took some time off from my photography & focused more on work within my degree field. I soon opened my own web design & marketing business (which you have obviously discovered - welcome!). I'm a Certified Wix Expert Web Designer & I really enjoy the opportunity to use my artistic eye to help businesses of all kinds to succeed in the digital world of marketing.

It wasn't long into my business journey when I realized a need for high quality photography for web projects. Therefore, I decided to include this service under my new brand image at Hala Kahiki Studios. So I picked my camera back up & hit another discovery - I missed doing portrait sessions...which brings us to today. I now offer ALL things creative.

What sets me apart from other photographers is that I'm so dedicated in capturing photographs that you enjoy, that I will give you access to all images I take, so that you have the ability to make as many copies & prints as you like! 


Regardless, I think you'll experience a heartfelt session with me. My goal is to capture memories with you, in a way that is creative & high quality for you to forever enjoy. Of course, if you're a business owner & interested in working with me, I'm going to do the best I can to exceed your expectations & set you up for successful marketing.


teamwork makes the dream work


I'm proud to work with amazing companies & organizations on a career-based or personal level. I truly believe in working together to make the world a better place & I would love to share more information with you about these brands & why I think they are awesome!



My favorite TV show is Friends

My favorite holiday is Halloween

I'm obsessed with my dog Khaleesi

My go-to movie treat is sour punch straws

I like to collect  vinyl records

I never pass up the opportunity to  play a claw machine

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